Friday, March 11, 2011

Oscar best picture nominees... as LEGO's

Since I spent most of last week playing 'LEGO Star Wars' on the PS3, I figured that I would share the LEGO love, so here you go. It's the Oscar-nominees for best picture movie posters, with LEGO people :)

Want to have sex in the batcave?

Yes please!!! Taiwanese hotel Eden in Kaohsiung City features the above Batman-themed suite, but the thing is, Eden is an erotic hotel with an hourly rate, which makes the Batman suite an erotic Batman suite that is paid for at an hourly rate. Read that again: Erotic Batman. Not only does the room feature sexy Batman decor, but there’s a Batmobile in which erotic things may happen. The hotel also gives away lubrication, lingerie and “other perks” around holiday time. Last year, rates for the romantic Batcave were around $50 for three hours. I am seriously considering a vacation, just so that I can say that I hooked up in the batcave.