Sunday, July 3, 2011

Matrix goes A capella

Alright, I know I have been neglecting my blog for a while now, but I am back. Had to deal with actual RL issues. Anyhow, to get back into the swing of things, here is a remix of the Matrix lobby scene, by Matt Mulholland. I pretty much am a fan of all things Matrix, and besides that, his one-man sound effects are awesomesauce.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Sometimes even superheroes get busy...

Sorry, I haven't blogged for a bit. Things have been a little insane here. More posts coming soon though! :)

Friday, March 11, 2011

Oscar best picture nominees... as LEGO's

Since I spent most of last week playing 'LEGO Star Wars' on the PS3, I figured that I would share the LEGO love, so here you go. It's the Oscar-nominees for best picture movie posters, with LEGO people :)

Want to have sex in the batcave?

Yes please!!! Taiwanese hotel Eden in Kaohsiung City features the above Batman-themed suite, but the thing is, Eden is an erotic hotel with an hourly rate, which makes the Batman suite an erotic Batman suite that is paid for at an hourly rate. Read that again: Erotic Batman. Not only does the room feature sexy Batman decor, but there’s a Batmobile in which erotic things may happen. The hotel also gives away lubrication, lingerie and “other perks” around holiday time. Last year, rates for the romantic Batcave were around $50 for three hours. I am seriously considering a vacation, just so that I can say that I hooked up in the batcave.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Big Brother isn't just watching... he is actively stalking you.

We have all heard that companies and colleges will occasionally check an applicants facebook before hiring/enrolling them. Well, now there is proof that it has, in fact, become commonplace. A recent Kaplan study found that admissions departments at 80% of top colleges “visited potential students’ online profiles during their recruiting process. One blogger wrote:

"I doubt that hordes of students frequently lose scholarships or have an admission reneg’d for something that they innocently put up on Facebook. BUT what actually happens is much worse. Indiscreet social media postings can make your interviewer (or the admissions officer) prejudiced against you without realizing it. And that’s scary and worrisome because a large chunk of admissions decisions are really close calls. They are based on “fit” and “feel” – it’s not just what you’ve shown you can do, but the potential people think you have.".

So, if you are planning on applying for school, or for a job... make sure you lock up your privacy settings on all social media sites. It's hard enough to get ahead in the world without the disadvantage of your interviewer having seen photos of you doing keg stands in the nude at last weekends party.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Office Space with a teddy bear

After spending a few years in corporate America, I pretty much wanted to put my head in an oven. This video, besides being utterly hilarious, will probably look sadly familiar to any of you out their who have the misfortune to work in an office.

You like me! You really like me!

Thanks to Ciarra, at, I am now the proud recipient of the "Versatile Blogger Award! She's a pretty awesome girl, so go check out her blog, if you haven't already! In order to accept this award the rules are:

Thank the person who gave you the award
Share 7 things about yourself
Pass the award on to up to 10 other versatile bloggers
Let the other bloggers know you gave them the award

So, here goes:
I do puzzles like an old lady, I think 'In n Out' should be available in every state, I love plants... but usually kill them,  and I see no reason to wear shoes when I could just wear flip-flops. I think that is enough about me for now.

The people that I am giving the award to are:
Christy, from
Krissy, from
Billy, aka "Organic Meatbag", from
"Poke the Rock", from
Zev, from
Apfel, from

Your childhood dreams are dead :)

Iconic toy, the "Easy-Bake Oven" is about to become part of history. At least in it's traditional form. A federal ban on the manufacture of incandescent light bulbs, the Easy-Bake Oven's longtime source of heat, kicks in next year. According to Hasbro, they plan to switch to a different heating element. More than 20 billion Easy-Bake Ovens, featuring an incandescent bulb, have been sold since 1963. The toy was even been inducted into the Toy Hall of Fame in 2007. I am sure that we all hope that they can come up with another way to do it, because if you are anything like me, you probably had a lot of fun with this toy when you were younger. Come to think of it, that was probably the last time I baked anything without burning it or lighting the kitchen on fire.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Entire room made of chocolate

I don't know about you, but I love chocolate. That said, I have a hard enough time keeping a normal house clean. Trying to clean a kitchen made of chocolate would be a nightmare... especially in the warmer months :( Anyhow, here are the pictures of the room:

The room was built in Lithuania, by seven artists, and using 300kg (661 pounds) of chocolate. There’s a combination of white chocolate, dark chocolate, and milk chocolate. It could quite possibly be the tastiest room on the planet! 

Monday, February 14, 2011

Geek Valentines

I am not a huge fan of Valentines Day, but since the rest of the country insists on indulging in this ridiculous holiday, I thought I would post some geeky valentines, for your enjoyment. :) This way, if you are going to send something to the geek in your life, you have some good selection to choose from. So here you go!

Friday, February 11, 2011

Too much free time?

If you like puzzles, or even if you just have a few months to kill, and need something to do, here is an option for you. It is the world's largest jigsaw puzzle. It was made by a toy company called Ravensburger, which set the record with 32,256 individual pieces and a 17′ x 6′ size when those pieces are fit together. The puzzle, called Keith Haring: Retrospect, uses 32 artistic works by the pop artist Keith Haring. I love puzzles, but as much fun as this probably would be, I am pretty sure that I don't have the time (or table space) to do it. Here is a picture of the ridiculously huge box that it comes in:

Monday, February 7, 2011

Nothing frakkin' matters... to me!

This is a video about the story of Battlestar Galactica, set to a re-write of 'Bohemian Rhapsody', and it's hilarious. Oh God, I am listening to it again while I post this, and I am still laughing. With lines thrown in like: "Dr. Baltar, you have to write on the chalkboard 'I will not give the cylons access to the colony's defense mainframe 50,000 times'!", it pretty much makes up for the less than stellar vocals. If you are a BSG fan, you will love it :)

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Best Superbowl commercial ever!

Everyone knows, the best part of the Superbowl is the commercials. Generally, we get some kind of amusing spot about singing frogs, cute kids doing ridiculous things, or dumb guys drinking beer; but, I have to say... this one is the best yet. This Volkswagen commercial was leaked online, but will be officially aired during the Superbowl, this weekend. I think the highlight of the commercial is when the tiny Darth Vader attempts to force-choke a baby doll.

Mario and Luigi facebook fight

Fighting with people on facebook is awesome. Apparently that even extends to video game characters. :)

Robot goes to school

A high-school boy, named Lyndon Baty has polycystic kidney disease, leaving him with "virtually no immune system". Because of his condition, he has been unable to have contact with his friends, or attend his classes for over a year. Well, that has all changed for him now... kind of. Now Lyndon can virtually attend classes and walk the halls with his classmates, through the screen of his robotic avatar on wheels. The robot attends his classes, and Lyndon gets to feel like he is there too. According to the NBC report:

"The technology, which works like video conferencing, allows him to attend class, visit the school canteen, and even hang around the yard.
It is the first time the machine has been used in a school - and it has given Lyndon, from Knox City, a new lease of life. His mother Sheri told local NBC news station KFDX: 'He has a reason to get up. He takes his medicine, eats, and he's sitting and waiting for that (school) bell to ring.''It's absolutely amazing,' Lyndon added. 'I would have never thought when I was sick that I would ever have any interaction, much less this kind. It is just like I am there in the classroom.'"

Pretty awesome, if you ask me. Be honest, if given the chance, wouldn't you just like to sit at home once in a while, and send your robot-avatar to work. It would certainly be easier than pretending to pay attention during boring staff meetings!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Star Trek Girl

This just amused me. First of all, she is pretty cute, if not a bit spastic. Besides that, who doesn't love a good geek-centric dance song? Well, even if you don't like the song, you can take comfort in the fact that she is probably dead by now. Damn red shirts! Enjoy! :)

Education FAIL

Now, as you all know, I am a fan of the Twilight series. That said, even I have a problem with this 'Twilight' is now being used as required reading in an Honors Literature class at the university level. That's right, apparently there were no better options than a book about sparkly vampires and a whiny high-school girl. The books are fun, but let's be honest, it is hardly the pinnacle of literary genius. Here is a section of the syllabus:

"While we read and discuss some important, influential narratives about the supernatural – Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein, Bram Stoker’s Dracula, Henry James’ The Turn of the Screw, and Stephenie Meyer’s Twilight as well a few minor works – we will also explore how these texts, like much other fiction, try to create particular reading experiences, as they push us to consider the nature and importance of literary imagination and the way fiction’s seductiveness is tied to other potentially dangerous attractions."

Good job Ohio State University, for setting the bar so low.

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Stupidity Personified

It has come to my attention that some people are really, really stupid. Not convinced? Just watch this video. It is a man lying on train tracks while he films a train driving over him. Granted, it makes for an amusing, and slightly tense, minute of viewing, but still... a little damn common sense please?!

Big Brother is Watching!

You probably already know that Egypt's internet was shut down. Basically the government has blocked all major service providers. The Internet service was shutdown on Thursday at 22:34 GMT, but the Noor ISP which has access to about 8 percent of the market is currently available. Well, now an American legislator is trying to ensure that the American government is able to do the same ting. Wired Magazine was informed by the bill’s sponsor on Friday that senator Susan Collins plans to reintroduce the “internet kill switch” bill to a Senate committee quite soon. According to Collins: "My legislation would provide a mechanism for the government to work with the private sector in the event of a true cyber emergency…. It would give our nation the best tools available to swiftly respond to a significant threat." I understand that cyber security is important, but this is venturing into Orwellian territory. Giving the government free reign to shut down our countries primary form of communication is simply unethical, and way to Big-Brother for my liking.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Real life sack-people!

This is a video that some people made, and filmed all in one take, complete with game-appropriate singing and settings. Basically, if you have never played "Little Big Planet", this will not be very funny to you, but if you have, it's pretty awesome :)

Most useful invention of the year.

You know when you are typing a response on yahoo answers, or leaving comments on a youtube video, and you want to put a smiley face at the end, but it just seems like way too much effort? Well now there is a keypad that attaches via usb, allowing you to leave a variety of emoticons by just hitting one button! Aside from sparing us the agony of hitting more than one button for our emoticon needs, the bubbly keys will supposedly also sport customizable glow options! lol

The United States of Shame

According to National Health rankings, every state ranks dead last in at least one unfortunate category. Click on the link to find out what your state is good at! :) If you are lucky, you might just get air pollution or porn usage, but holy crap don't you feel bad for those poor souls living in Washington state? I mean sure, sheep are cute, but you might have communication issues, and no self-respecting marriage counselor is going to help you!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Day 24 – A picture of someone you would marry

Starbuck from BSG
My favorite "Doctor " from "Doctor Who"
Vin Diesel as "Riddick"
Sorry about the delay, I missed a couple of days of blogging because the s/o was in surgery, so I have been super stressed. Anyhow, I will get caught up today. Since I will not be posting any pictures of my fiance on here, I decided to post a few of my favorite sci-fi characters instead, I don't know if I would necessarily want to marry them (Okay, maybe Xena), but they sure are nice to look at. So, enjoy the sexiness:
Xena and Gabrielle. Enough said. :)

Sunday, January 23, 2011

"Lazy Teenage Superheroes: The Movie"

This was apparently created on a budget of $300, which is very surprising, considering the fact that the special effects aren't all that awful. Besides that, it is pretty freaking hilarious. Anything that incorporates superheroes, ninjas, a giant insect-robot, and a nerf-gun bong is okay in my book. Enjoy!

Geeks need bling too.

Valentines Day is coming up, and jewelry seems to be the gift of choice for that profit-driven "holiday", so I though... geek gift ideas! Here is some awesome geek jewelry:

A "Pi necklace", for the math geek.

A "Jaws" ring :)

Power button earrings, for the computer geek.
Star-Wars cufflinks, for the snazzy boy geeks.

Vampire-bite necklace for the twi-hards
Lego rings, what could be better?

Oh, and in case you are looking for something a little more romantic, I leave you with these:

Day 23 – A picture of your favorite movie

There is NO WAY that I could pick just one movie as my favorite, so here are a few of them:

I totally suck.

After I posted the thing earlier about my award, I remembered that I never did a post about my "Stylish Blogger Award", which was given to me by Diet Chic, from "Diet Chic on a mission" Hopefully she will forgive me for being late with this post, I am still kind of new to the blogging world. So here it is:

Now I am supposed to share seven things about myself and award this to some deserving bloggers:

Some things about me:

1. I like the color yellow, for some reason it just seems happier than the other colors.
2. I have recently discovered Dr. Who, and am not sure how the hell I missed out on something so awesome before now.
3. I miss california.
4. I HATE the south, and am pretty sure that this is the place where dreams go to die.
5. I am engaged to a member of the military.
6. I have an ongoing love affair with all things created by Joss Whedon.
7. I am considering getting my first tattoo soon. I have always had piercings, but no tats yet, and I think it's time.

The award Winners:
Sarah May from Breaking Taboo . I love reading her blog. It is a very honest account of daily life, parenthood, loss, love, and whatever else :)

Corissa Marie from "His Redneck Nay Wife". She has started her blog to chronicle the ups and downs of her life as a young military wife. Plus she's adorable :)

Stephen from "I Love Movies, But  I Hate Yours" He has a very entertaining movie-review blog, that I have just discovered and am quite enjoying.

Eleni from "RPG Called Life" never fails to amuse me. She is a fellow geek-girl, and her blog is awesome :)

Saturday, January 22, 2011

I got an award!

So, Brandy Rose, over at "Consequently Slapdash" gave me a blog award! Since hers is pretty much the most amusing blog that I have come across since entering the blogosphere, I am very excited about it! :) She's totally hilarious, so if you haven't already found her blog, go check it out. Here is my award:

Now, apparently, I am supposed to list 5 of my "guilty pleasures", and then give the award to three other writers.
Guilty Pleasures:
1. Diet Coke. I basically drink it from the time I get up until I go to bed. Caffeine is my drug of choice :)
2. The Big Bang Theory. It's my go-to choice of viewing material whenever I want to be cheered up. Despite my general hatred of sit-coms, this show is unlike any other, and never fails to make me laugh.
3. SecondLife. There is something refreshing about living in a world where you can be whoever you want whenever you want. I'm not on it as much as I used to be, but once in a while it is the perfect brainless activity.
4. The Lego Harry Potter game on PS3. I don't know why it amuses me so much, but it really does. The s/o and I have spent much of this weekend playing it :)
5. Getting my nails done. What can I say, not everything about me is geeky. I am still a girl, after all!

Award Recipients:

Charlotte from 'The Only Exception"  She is a self-proclaimed hair and beauty addict, and her blog is a constant source of good makeup tips, and cute accessories :)

Metatron from "Meanwile, in an undisclosed location"  Now, I don't know exactly how much a guy will appreciate getting the "Irresistibly Sweet Blog Award", but I thought I would give it to him anyways, simply because his blog never fails to amuse me.

Kludge from "Fusion Ring" has assembled the most hilarious assortment of geek paraphernalia/ridiculous items/things I need to buy immediately, and his commentary is awesome.

Day 22 – A picture of something you wish you were better at

Video games. Now, please understand, I am a girl gamer, so I am pretty good at most video games, (and awesome at a few of them), but my fiance is better. I will love the day when I can finally kick her ass in Halo, or Call of Duty. It might take a few hundred hours of practice... but my day will come! For now, I will leave you with some funny gamer-girl pics :)

Friday, January 21, 2011

Raising a nation of useless genuises

A lot of us grew up with a computer in the house, but if you are around my age, it probably didn't start to be a large part of your life until your teen years. As far as gaming, you probably had an Atari, or maybe (like me) you had the original Nintendo, or Sega. Maybe you even played a little 'Myst' on your desktop, but you probably did not use a computer on a daily basis as a child, and you certainly didn't play with apps on a smartphone, or mess around with your mom's i-pad, like the kids of this generation do. AVG recently did a study, which polled 2,200 mothers with Internet access across the US, Canada, UK, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Japan, Australia, and New Zealand. The mothers, all with children aged 2-5, were each asked to rank a list of computer and traditional life skills according to how early their children had mastered them. Here are a few of their findings:
  •  More young children know how to play a computer game (58%) than swim (20%) or ride a bike (52%)
  • 28% of young children can make a mobile phone call, but only 20% know to dial 911 in case of an emergency
  • 69% of children aged 2-5 can operate a computer mouse, but only 11% can tie their own shoelaces
This is kind of amazing, and slightly disturbing to me. I mean, I am in my twenties, and it is incredible how much computers have changed every aspect of our lives since I was a child. I love computers, the internet, gaming, etc. but I have to wonder if we might be sacrificing something when we devote so much of ourselves to these forms of communication and entertainment. Computers can be awesome learning tools for kids, and the internet opens up a world of information to kids that they would never have had 20 years ago, but is it at the risk of their basic life skills? Are they spending time playing computer games instead of socializing with their peer group, or learning the skills necessary to develop normally?

Day 21 – A picture of something you want to do again

When my fiance was overseas, my birthday present from her was a trip to Forks, Washington with my amazing friend Melissa! We had a blast, went on the "Twilight tour", shopped in twilight-themed stores, stayed at the official "Cullen House", and hung out on LaPush beach! It was pretty much the best trip that I have ever had, mostly because we just acted like idiotic 13-year-olds the whole time. I would love to go back again, see Forks again, and hang out on the Washington coast in general, because it is hands down the most beautiful place on earth! As much fun as we had there though, I hope that the second time I will get to go with the s/o! :)

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Nerd Rage Rap

This video has been out for  a bit, but I never get tired of it, I pretty much die laughing every time. Definitely NSFW, so if you don't want to offend your delicate sensibilities, just skip it. Otherwise, enjoy the nerd rage!

Day 20 – A picture of somewhere you’d love to travel

The Wizarding World of Harry Potter, at Universal Orlando. I know it sounds stupid, when I could choose something like Italy or France or Japan, and don't get me wrong, those sounds cool too... but seriously a Harry Potter theme park?! What could possibly be better? With rides called "Dragon Challenge", "Flight of the Hippogriff", and "Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey", which all take place inside Hogwarts Castle (!), shops  in Diagon Alley, HP-themed restaurants, and shows like the "Frog Choir" and "Triwizard Spirit Rally", I am pretty sure that it is basically geek heaven.