Sunday, February 27, 2011

Big Brother isn't just watching... he is actively stalking you.

We have all heard that companies and colleges will occasionally check an applicants facebook before hiring/enrolling them. Well, now there is proof that it has, in fact, become commonplace. A recent Kaplan study found that admissions departments at 80% of top colleges “visited potential students’ online profiles during their recruiting process. One blogger wrote:

"I doubt that hordes of students frequently lose scholarships or have an admission reneg’d for something that they innocently put up on Facebook. BUT what actually happens is much worse. Indiscreet social media postings can make your interviewer (or the admissions officer) prejudiced against you without realizing it. And that’s scary and worrisome because a large chunk of admissions decisions are really close calls. They are based on “fit” and “feel” – it’s not just what you’ve shown you can do, but the potential people think you have.".

So, if you are planning on applying for school, or for a job... make sure you lock up your privacy settings on all social media sites. It's hard enough to get ahead in the world without the disadvantage of your interviewer having seen photos of you doing keg stands in the nude at last weekends party.


  1. A friend of mine developes facebook apps, he told me when apps require access to your email, the people behind it can just go and read your mails in your inbox....creepy.

    But I love the tissue box on his desk...hehe naughty

  2. Love the lotion and tissue box on the creepers desk! baaaahahahahahahaha!

  3. Now, if only I could figure out the privacy settings to get that damned Grand Larceny conviction to not show up on my Federal public record profile...

  4. I'd like to think that I got my job because my employers DID see me doing a nude kegstand!!