Sunday, January 23, 2011

I totally suck.

After I posted the thing earlier about my award, I remembered that I never did a post about my "Stylish Blogger Award", which was given to me by Diet Chic, from "Diet Chic on a mission" Hopefully she will forgive me for being late with this post, I am still kind of new to the blogging world. So here it is:

Now I am supposed to share seven things about myself and award this to some deserving bloggers:

Some things about me:

1. I like the color yellow, for some reason it just seems happier than the other colors.
2. I have recently discovered Dr. Who, and am not sure how the hell I missed out on something so awesome before now.
3. I miss california.
4. I HATE the south, and am pretty sure that this is the place where dreams go to die.
5. I am engaged to a member of the military.
6. I have an ongoing love affair with all things created by Joss Whedon.
7. I am considering getting my first tattoo soon. I have always had piercings, but no tats yet, and I think it's time.

The award Winners:
Sarah May from Breaking Taboo . I love reading her blog. It is a very honest account of daily life, parenthood, loss, love, and whatever else :)

Corissa Marie from "His Redneck Nay Wife". She has started her blog to chronicle the ups and downs of her life as a young military wife. Plus she's adorable :)

Stephen from "I Love Movies, But  I Hate Yours" He has a very entertaining movie-review blog, that I have just discovered and am quite enjoying.

Eleni from "RPG Called Life" never fails to amuse me. She is a fellow geek-girl, and her blog is awesome :)


  1. OMG I love it!! It seriously made me smile after a day I'm having. Thank you!! =]

  2. Yay, a blog award! Thanks so much! I'll have a post in a couple days on this :)

  3. After the crap day I have had... and having to add a name choice disclaimer on my blog for the name we picked for our unborn, seeing this made me grin! Thank you so much!!! I am going to have to blog this award onward to another! woooo!