Thursday, January 20, 2011

Day 20 – A picture of somewhere you’d love to travel

The Wizarding World of Harry Potter, at Universal Orlando. I know it sounds stupid, when I could choose something like Italy or France or Japan, and don't get me wrong, those sounds cool too... but seriously a Harry Potter theme park?! What could possibly be better? With rides called "Dragon Challenge", "Flight of the Hippogriff", and "Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey", which all take place inside Hogwarts Castle (!), shops  in Diagon Alley, HP-themed restaurants, and shows like the "Frog Choir" and "Triwizard Spirit Rally", I am pretty sure that it is basically geek heaven.


  1. My wife totally wants to go here...

    I even had to make her a wand. So, yea I understand. :)

  2. Hey, no one's judging you. I'm sure many people would rather go there than say, Venice. I know I would.

  3. When you go...I can give you lots of tips! We went during the holidays and it was insanely busy, but it was awesome and we bought season passes so we will be back. The line thru Hogwarts for the forbidden journey is even better than the ride itself!! Take a small, pocket sized camera because I was lugging a big one and they made me put it in a locker :( (BTW this is ~S from the UMS page)

  4. @Kludge That is awesome, what a good husband! If I asked my fiance to make me a wand, she would probably just look at me like I was psychotic. lol

    @Metatron I know, right? lol

    @Sarah Thanks for the tips, I am so jealous of you for having gone to it already! Yeah, I think seeing the inside of "hogwarts" sounds like the best part! lol