Monday, January 17, 2011

Genius digs a tunnel into GameStop

Okay, we have all experienced the building excitement when a new game is going to be released, or the anxious waiting that comes from anticipating an upgrade, expansion pack, whatever. That said, there are a lot of ways to get games, but most people just go with walking into a store and buying it. This guy however (Stephen Archer of Tennessee) decided that he would just steal games. You may be thinking, "Oh, so he probably just illegally downloaded them online, or maybe he shoved the game in his pants and walked out of a store." Well, obviously those things sounded too complicated for him, so instead he decided to tunnel underground into his local GameStop store. Police say the man started digging on January 4, after breaking into a vacant building next to the game store.He walked away with nearly $300 in cash, and more than $5,300 in games and electronics. He is now being charged with Felony Burglary. I am sure that he will get lots of new tunneling opportunities in prison though, so I guess it all worked out for the best.


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